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He looks equally sexy in any kind of briefs and trunks. 

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blue speedo briefs swimwear  briefs

blue speedo briefs swimwear Briefs

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All things sports gear … swimmers, wrestlers, football players, speedos and spandex!


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white speedo briefs swimwear  briefs

white speedo briefs swimwear Briefs

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more boys?

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Smooth twink in wet white speedo

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speedo swimwear  briefs

speedo swimwear Briefs

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Speedo boy!

Hot model in a speedo

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speedo briefs underwear swimwear  briefs

speedo briefs underwear swimwear Briefs

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Smooth swimmer twinks spreading their legs in speedos

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Jessy Delduca by Lionel André.

Jessy Delduca dancing GIF

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Martin Migschitz, sexy young hairless male model twink from Vienna, Austria.