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Crowdsourced Website Equaldex Launches, Provides Global View of LGBT Rights

Equaldex, the collaborative LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) rights knowledge base has launched! The site is aimed at crowdsourcing every LGBT-related law around the world.

The site provides users an accurate and comprehensive global view of the LGBT movement, with the use of maps, LGBT rights timelines, statistics, and historical data in each country and region.

How Equaldex Works

Equaldex is completely collaborative; as LGBT laws change, users update the database, citing reputable sources for accuracy. Other users are encouraged to authenticate the accuracy of each update and the information becomes verified as site usage increases.

The site’s growing database includes a variety of LGBT-related issues for each region: gay marriage, serving in the military, discrimination protection, donating blood, same-sex adoption, the ability to legally change gender, and more.

Visualizing the LGBT Movement

Data on Equaldex is structured in a consistent format, which is displayed in the form of maps, visualizations, and statistics about the LGBT rights movement. Equaldex aims to become an invaluable educational resource and provide a comprehensive insight into how the LGBT rights movement is progressing and which areas of the world are falling behind.

User Contributions & Collaborative Research

Users are credited for contributing information to Equaldex, giving them an extra incentive to continuously update the site. Each user has a profile that shows contributions they’ve made, the amount of “accurate” votes their contributions received, and the regions to which they’ve contributed.

Using a “discussion” page on each region, users can collaborate by sharing resources, discussing the status of the region’s laws, and helping each other research missing or ambiguous information.

Visit Equaldex, The LGBT Knowledge Base

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